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Previous Entry Did you Vote? Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 08:54 am Next Entry
To begin with Same sex couples cannot get married in the State of Michigan, if you were able to vote on this and you didn't SHAME... this is making it so people who truly love eachother can't get married... unlike those people who go out and get married for 48 hours and say they did it because they were drunk and didn't know what they were doing... Brittney Spears being one... and to 90% of the celebs and other people out there that get married for less than a year... GAWD THIS ISSUE HAS PISSED ME OFF... Who the hell is it gonna hurt if I want to marry my same sex partner... mmmmmm I think no one, if you don't want to do it then don't but don't make it so I can't marry someone I love.

Also in watching the news today I saw the Senate Majority leader on NBC when asked the question "Do you think Bush will change in the next 4 years?" he totally danced around the question and came back to the fact that republicans gained a whole 4 seats in the senate... and then had the nerve to say that since the gain of 4 seats happened that showed that Bush has changed... I was thinking to myself NO HE FUCKING HASN'T... this just means he can continue his power trip... and then when they went around the world and people were pissed that Bush might win.. lets think about that, if other countries don't want Bush as OUR president then why should he be our President... I think that he is gonna make the US even more hated in the next 4 years.. we are gonna end up having 8 years of damage that no one will be able to make up... he has already fucked us once and will probably fuck us over again.. down with BUSH... we want someone else in that White House.
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